28 fevereiro, 2010

Exposição de Desenho e Pintura "Perspectivas do Sublime Feminino"

Ernesto Coelho Silva tem o prazer de convidar V. Ex.ª e família para visitar a Exposição de Desenho e Pintura "Perspectivas do Sublime Feminino" a ter lugar na Galeria de Exposições, do Posto de Turismo da Moita de 22 de Fevereiro a 5 de Março.
As obras expostas, captam para o artista, uma perspectiva diferente de contemplar o corpo humano, de distorcer um conceito já pressuposto, de agraciar formas que merecem ser contempladas.
A exposição “Perspectivas do Sublime Feminino” poderá ser visitada de segunda a sexta-feira entre as 9h30 e as 12h30 e entre as 14h00 e as 18h00.


Rua Dr. Miguel Bombarda, 2 A

2860-461 Moita

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  1. Ah…the divine female form is often presented as an object de art. I like your presentation. It seems that realists have honored the curves of the female body since prehistoric man first sculpted his idea of the ideal mate in stone. The fertility goddesses such as Venus figurines from the Upper Palaeolithic period are a good example. There are the Egyptian figures of stylized goddess Isis, the mother of Hourus, the incredibly gorgeous Nefertiti with her delicate features and swan like neck and the multitude of artists through the centuries, who each had a shining concept of what Cleopatra must have looked like. Art and the female have gone hand in hand since Eve’s fall from grace by Albrecht Dürer inspired graphics . Even Picasso honored the female by breaking down the facets of femininity much like a Hassidic diamond cutter cuts into a raw diamond and carefully facets the face of the stone.

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